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Today on Suncoast View

Whether you want long- thick hair or a 10 minute DIY manicure- Beauty expert Mickey Williams visited Suncoast View to share some of her favorite ideas to getting you on the fast track by faking it! Get the glam look you want with some quick fixes to change your appearance in a flash.

KISS Gel Fantasy

We all love glitter but loath the removal process and KISS Gel Fantasy eliminates the hassle with ready-to-wear gel designs that glue or press-on for perfect application of glitter on every nail that lasts up to 7 days.




Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzer

Need a tan? Fake it…Lorac has a scented self-tanner that flash tans skin to create a deep rich glow. You even have the option of a wash off formula or gradual tan. 



Revitaleyes Brightening Eye Cream

Dark circles and bags got you down? Kick start your recovery process with Revitaleyes because who has time to wait around for nature? Plus this cult-favorite doesn’t dehydrate like hemorrhoid cream and has long-term benefits as well. 




LUXHAIR HOW Circle Extensions 

Want the look of long, thick hair SOMETIMES, but not everyday? LUXHAIR has a headband for you.  The Circle Extension from LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey, is available as either a 10” or a 16”-18” one-piece extension on a thin, circular band. You may have heard of flip in or halo extensions, which are similar, but this is really something special.




RoloxinTM Lift: Instant Skincare:

Need a mini-lift that works on fine lines, droop and pores? If you want permanent results head to the doctor, but for a fast fix fake it with Roloxin. It may be pricey but it works and make sure to not forget your neck! 




#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY: Stylin’ and Profilin’

Sweatpants. Yeah, sweatpants. Kind of controversial. On the one hand, unbelievably comfortable. On the other hand....they're sweatpants. If there's anything New York fashion week people are as fanatical about as getting their hands on the their favorite designers' collections each season, it's getting into their favorite workout classes each week. They all have their alliances, whether it's to a spin...
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Beauty Innovations On WGN Midday


We all are looking for the latest and the greastest when we are getting our glam on. Our resident beauty expert Mickey Williams visited WGN Midday today to share her favorite picks on the best of beauty innovations. Some take a little bit of effort and some have immediate results.