In case you forgot, here's how autumn works: Leaves fall. Air chills. Food related festivities are a plenty, and the flip flops gets replaced for something slightly more seasonal. Kind of like the wardrobe, your summer workouts may change with the weather. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a new workout. Here's the fall fitness...
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You've been called the Steffi Graf of tennis.Your serve: fierce. Your footwork: nimble. Your raquet is called the "Bad Mother F**ker." But even you need some practice. To stay truly sharp, you could use some advice from the experts. So allow me to introduce you to BumbleBee Tennis, a tennis school that offers players affordable and...
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STG is talking ways to “fake it’ to get glam on FOX Dallas

Want Frizz-free or longer-thicker hair? What about a 10 minute DIY manicure straight off this season’s runways? How about a treatment that vanishes fine lines and wrinkles for up to 12 hours? Beauty expert Mickey Williams says she’s got the goods to get you glam fast with simple ways to FAKE IT. Fast fixes without...
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#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY: Down and Dirty Epic Mud Runs

As a fitness enthusiast with a need for over exertion, you're always looking for the next way to feign athletic effort while still maintaining your reputation for living life with a certain joie de vivre. You want danger, but not too much danger. You want sporty competition, but not a battle. Hence, New York's best mud runs and...
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Today on Suncoast View

Whether you want long- thick hair or a 10 minute DIY manicure- Beauty expert Mickey Williams visited Suncoast View to share some of her favorite ideas to getting you on the fast track by faking it! Get the glam look you want with some quick fixes to change your appearance in a...

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#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY: Stylin’ and Profilin’

Sweatpants. Yeah, sweatpants. Kind of controversial. On the one hand, unbelievably comfortable. On the other hand....they're sweatpants. If there's anything New York fashion week people are as fanatical about as getting their hands on the their favorite designers' collections each season, it's getting into their favorite workout classes each week. They all have their alliances, whether it's to a spin...
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Beauty Innovations On WGN Midday


We all are looking for the latest and the greastest when we are getting our glam on. Our resident beauty expert Mickey Williams visited WGN Midday today to share her favorite picks on the best of beauty innovations. Some take a little bit of effort and some have immediate results.


#WORKOUTWEDNESDAY: Grand-Slamming Body

A little event called the US Open is currently happening in Flushing. Which means it's time to admire the world's top athletes in their pleated skirts and spandex crush the little yellow ball (preferably with a grunt or two). One look at...
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What’s In My Bag This Summer? #bestunderten

We need a lot of "pick me ups" over the summer and if you're like me you like products that you can take with you when you're on the go. So, as summer comes to a close end I would like to share with you some of my favorite products that I like to keep...
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Release The Beast: Self-Myofacial Release Techniques

I know. Lately, you've been just bursting with free time and energy, your body feels good and everything is working just like you want it to. Only.....the exact opposite of that. You've got the working out part down to an art so today, I'd like to turn your attention to a new diversion of sorts. You know,...
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Sole Society Fall/Winter Preview

One way to start your day off on the right foot is in a Gansevoort penthouse surrounded by shoes, jewels, brims and bags. I'm just getting settled into summer but I'm not going to lie- the Navy Dimpled Wide Brim Hat (photo below) was a bit difficult to leave behind until its availability...
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Find More Purity In Beauty With Lush Cosmetics

Just when you thought Lush Cosmetics hit a home run on being Au Natural, they threw us a fastball by drafting an even more natural line of products comin' at you at full speed. Speaking of fast, these products are so natural that they stay fresh from anywhere between 4-15 months. Introducing the Read more